Kenswed’s Progress, Where it is now

We wanted to make a difference, and the only way we could think of that, would have an influence on the lives of current and future generations was via education and athletics. We decided to invest in education in order to make a difference for vulnerable young people, something that will have a long-term positive impact on the current and future generations. Kenswed Secondary School was founded in January 2012; however the concept had been in the works for over two years before it was accomplished with Global Relations and Mr. Isaac Macharia, an Elite athlete.

Later on, when the need increased to aid more students, particularly those who came from far and wide, there was a need for more resources to cater for the students, and it was at this time that the Zelmerlow and Bjorkman Foundation came in as the main sponsor to this day.

Kenswed Secondary School is a private institution in Kenya that educates talented and intelligent teenagers from low-income families. It began with one classroom with a pit latrine, 54 students, and seven teachers, the majority of whom were from the Ngong region. Its student population has risen to 340 over the years, including a boarding facility that can accommodate 150 females.

After completing their Kenya Secondary School Education, 292 pupils were released from Kenswed Secondary School. There are and have been 56 students who have benefited from the Kenswed scholarship program. They are enrolled at various Kenyan universities and institutions. 14 students have graduated in various courses since the programs started.

Kenswed has developed and included new projects under the Kenswed Organization Umbrella throughout the years, which include the following.

  • Due to the necessity for students to be medically attended to, the sponsors made an agreement with a private clinic in Ngong to cater to them. However, owing to the challenges and costs of transportation, we felt the necessity to open our own clinic. Then, coincidentally, Sophie Loof was seeking for a location to establish a clinic that would provide safe space for mothers to give birth, and so the Kenswed Hospital was born. Kenswed Hospital, which serves both high school students and the community at large and provides free maternity care, was founded in June 2019 in collaboration with Sofie Loof, the ZBF Foundation, and Mr. Isaac Macharia.
  • Kenswed Vocational Training College was established September 2020 out of the need to skill the youth who do not make the cut into the mainstream colleges and universities.
  • The Kenswed Girls Empowerment Program, which was established in 2021 in response to the sudden increase in teen pregnancies, serves 22 girls from marginalized communities.
  • The Kenswed Dental Clinic, which opened its doors in October 2021 in collaboration with Tepe and Z&B Foundation with the goal of improving the oral health of the surrounding communities.


We are proud of the Kenswed Organization’s success and effect throughout the years, and we look forward to expanding so that more lives can be touched as we strive for self-sufficiency.


“We acknowledge, celebrate achievements and wins even as we look ahead to the challenges of tomorrow” .Isaac Macharia.



I t is one of the areas that Kenswed is and has been doing rather very well. This has been possible through the huge support tactically the athletes receive from Mr.Macharia a seasoned professional athlete. Apart from the tactics the runners also get kits for training. This endeavor has enabled the school to produce good runners who have not only put the school at the national limelight but also global. We have 10 students who are training to be professional athletes and 4 who have already finished high school and are mastering athletics as a career. Some of our students have had chances to go outside the country and have made us proud. So far we`ve had three students going to Japan and others are on the pipeline.
Individual Stories.

How it began

Nganga Joseph Waweru was born on January 2, 2001.
I began jogging when i was still in primary school.
My background was humble, and my parents couldn’t afford to send me to boarding school, so the opportunity i had was to join public day school, which was approximately 10 kilometers away from home. Every day, I walked 20 kilometres to school to avoid being late for school and being late for home tasks such as cutting napier grass for my father’s cow and milking it in the evening.

Since I was a child, my life has been full of hardship, which has pushed me to mature early and become stronger as a consequence of the heavy obligations.

Being continually active made me more adaptive.
I began conducting challenges with my classmates during (P.E) lessons and on game days, which I used to achieve the highest point leading. After that, I advanced to the point where I could challenge the entire school.

It became serious when I was chosen to represent my school in all primary games, indicating that my ability was at the national level. I was overjoyed to see my name printed in news publications that were featured on television and to win awards, I realized I had running talent in me.

So, after finishing primary school, I was discovered by Mr. Macharia, who has served as my coach and mentor, and enrolled in high school at Kenswed Secondary School in Ngong. My life has never been the same since he encouraged me to strive hard in both athletics and studies. I attempted to balance my career with my academics. Surprisingly, I finished high school undefeated and earned a gold medal in track and field to now international level.

I was nominated as a games captain in school for being disciplined, obedient, and courteous, which helped me receive an opportunity to travel to Japan for sports after completing high school.

What keeps me going

Discipline, consistency and hard work got me to where I am today,The records, medals, and trophies just kept on coming. I kept running with enthusiasm and leading with pride because I knew it was a dream that had gotten me to that level.

My long-term goal is to represent my nation in the Olympic Games and conquer the entire globe, leaving a legacy and inspiring future generations of athletes.



The ZBFoundation from Sweden paid a visit to the Kenswed organization on September 23rd – 25th, 2021.