Kenswed Dental Clinic

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Our Mission

Provide affordable quality dental services to the unreached in the communities with great emphasis on preventive measures.

Clinical Activities

Certified dentist doctors

Under the leadership of Kenswed organization and the unit founders Dr. Asa and Prof Mats Trulsson, kenswed dental clinic has a vibrant team of 1 Doctor, 1 Coho, 2 nurses and other support staff. The team is highly trusted and delivers full range of general dental care services as required by the Kenya Medical and Dentist Council.

Using innovative technology

Kenswed dental clinic was first established in the year 2020 as an in house unit to strictly serve the dental needs of Kenswed Secondary school students. In October 2021, the unit then opened its doors to the rest of the community and public and it has exponentially grown to serving all cadres of people with two fully equipped modern units.

Our Vision

Change the oral health narrative of communities around by building relationships with them and educating them to make informed decisions regarding their oral health.

UoN Collaboration & Joint Activities

As part of our quest to grow and be able to serve the diverse needs of our students, clients and the larger community we have teamed up with institutions like The University of Nairobi Dental School.

In such coming together we have managed to bring great specialty and expertise on board. Our underprivileged patients with critical dental cases have gotten free surgeries. Doctors do voluntarily come in to offer free dental services to kenswed secondary students and the mass treatments have really been life changing especially to our students.

This is a continuous collaboration in which we intent to have more joint programs in areas such as research, referrals, mentorship and or even academic exchange programs.

TePe ToothBrushes

Distribution of FREE toothbrushes is actually the game changer among kenswed dental projects. Just as they say (Healthy smile for life) we have encountered groups that were getting their first modern toothbrush for the very first time courtesy of TePe. Much unbelievable especially in the 21st century.

School oral health education programs

With great passion for children, we are committed to providing oral health education in and outside our clinic. The program majorly focuses on school going children with major emphasis on daily brushing, good snacking hobbits, regular dental checkups and general protection of teeth and mouth from injury.

Good oral hygiene has been overlooked in many ways that's why at Kenswed dental clinic we are championing the regular brushing campaign especially among children.

TePe Scholarships

One of Kenswed Dental Project's goal is to increase the oral health awareness in the surrounding communities. In that regards in July 2022, TePe took up and sponsored two former kenswed secondary school students to pursue a diploma in dental nursing and hygiene. As Sophia and Sharon were winding up their 1st year of study, another duo Augustine and Joan joined for the same training in July 2023.

We are confident that the three year course offered at the institute of Healthcare management will holistically equip them with the right skills to join the larger group of oral health professionals offering services in hospitals and out to the communities.

Medical Camps

We endeavor to always bring services closer home through free medical camps dubbed reaching the unreached. This is enabled through mobilization of resources and personnel

Oral Health Ambassadors

Since our major focus is on preventive measures, its important to ensure that as many people get more information regarding their oral hygiene. Kenswed oral health ambassadors is a group of students well versed with basic oral hygiene information whose major focus is educating their peers. This is not only done at Kenswed Secondary school but in other schools around Ngong Hills area.

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