Kenswed Scholarship

Empowering youths through provision of scholarships that enable them to be change makers in the society.

About Us

The Kenswed scholarship program, an initiative of Kenswed Organization, aims to assist financially challenged, high-achieving students from Kenswed Secondary School in pursuing university education. With backing from Swedish partners, the program provides training in various areas, including work readiness skills, financial management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Offering comprehensive support, it covers university tuition for 100 economically challenged scholars, reflecting our belief in the potential and promise of young people as we invest in their future.

Our Vision

To provide education opportunities to promising underprivileged youth, who can meet the challenges of this world with confidence.

To eradicate poverty and limiting beliefs among our youth through providing opportunities for education which can help drive change in our communities.


  • All
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Continuous-Learning
  • Resilience
  • Creativity

We pride ourselves in being accountable, and consistent in our words and actions.


We value a sense of community and strong sense of social responsibility.

Continuous Learning

The pursuit of Knowledge and lifelong learning is important to us.


We value individuals who have overcome adversity and still stayed committed to their career or academic goals.


We encourage entrepreneurial or innovative thinking or ideas that can move the society forward

Long-Term Goals

Our Impact





Are you eligible?

Eligibility for scholarship

  1. Academic achievement: Applicants should attain a minimum grade of B-.
  2. Financial Need: Have unique or special circumstances that would prevent one from accessing higher education.
  3. Career aspirations: Intend to pursue a specific profession and have clear career goals.
  4. Extra curricular activities: Be actively involved in school programs.
  5. Commitment: Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to study and complete study programs.
  6. Leadership potential: Applicants should demonstrate leadership skills and participation in community service.
  7. Recommendations: Submit letters of recommendation from teachers and local leaders.
  8. Interviews: Participate in an interview as part of the selection process.

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How to apply

  • Download and fill in the application form below.
  • Submit the form and attachments in PDF format as one document via

email: | Tel: +254 743 23 7042

  • Attend interviews.
  • If qualified you sign the agreement form.

Application opens once in December, every year. Priority is given to those that completed KCSE within that year, you are advised to apply within your year of completion. The selection process is competitive and application does not guarantee scholarship award.

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