Start-up Accelerator

Program (STAP)

STAP seeks to shift the necessity-based entrepreneurial mindset to sustainable, scalable, and community-beneficial entrepreneurship.


The initiative to have the Start-up Accelerator Program  (STAP) at Kenswed Organization was to create sustainable livelihoods among our alumni, through a revolving fund. The revolving fund provides access to cheap finance to spur entrepreneurial pursuits that generate employment and financial independence.

The success of this program is solely driven by the willingness and commitment of all key players and partners to see Kenswed alumni, aged 18-28 have meaningful and impactful livelihoods.


Social transformation by creating economic opportunities for Kenswed alumni.


Empowerment, financial security, Integrity, Leadership and Sustainability

How we win

·       Entrepreneurship education

·       Capacity building

·       Workshops and training

·       Mentorship

·       Collaborating with industry experts

Technical support and consultation

Application process

The call for applications is done every quarter

with opportunities to pitch organized every April, August, and December.

Unlock your business potential and take it to the next level with STAP loan

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